About Frugal Fun Ottawa

Welcome to Frugal Fun Ottawa. This site lists free and frugal events and activities happening in the National Capital Region.

I had the idea for the site after spending countless hours trying to find free and frugal events and activities for my family. If you've ever done the same, you'll know that the information is scattered all over the web and is often hard to find. Hence the idea for a website where visitors could quickly find all the free and frugal events in one place. My friend, the self-described "code-monkey", helped me set up the structure of the site and posted the first few months of events while I learned the web design ropes. (If you read the original About page, you'll know that I'm the "detective", as she described me.) I'm now both the detective and a code-monkey in training!

You'll find free, frugal ($10 or less for a family of four) and almost frugal ($20 or less for a family of four) events listed on the site. You'll also notice symbols on several pages. The legend can be found at the bottom of the calendar:

   Frugal Favorite - an event that I've attended in the past and loved;
   Fan Favorite - an event that a Frugal Fan has attended and has recommended;
   Almost Frugal - an event that costs $20 or less for a family of four; and
   For Grown-Ups - hmm, this one's pretty self-explanatory!

Frugal Fun Ottawa is a work in progress. Check back often and please feel free to send me your feedback, as I'm continously adding more information and striving to improve the site. Also, please tell your friends and family about this site. Word of mouth is the best form of publicity!

About frugalfish

I love sharing free and frugal Ottawa events, and I thought that adding a blog to the site would allow me to talk about Ottawa events more in a more in-depth manner. I also hoped that it would also allow me to be a bit more creative. (It certainly has!) Starting the blog also turned out to be a great idea because it's encouraged readers to come back again and again, and because I've learned so much!

About Me

If you've looked around the site, you've probably guessed that I love Ottawa! I've lived in much smaller places (ever heard of Crysler, Ontario?) and much larger places (Toronto) and lots of places in-between, and I can honestly say that Ottawa is juuuuuust right!

My family (wonderful hubby, four five-year old daughter "B.G.", and two-year old son "Bonhomme") and I are happily ensconced here. I'm an engineer and I work full-time in the public service (surprise, surprise). In my spare time (what little there is of it at this point in my life!) I love reading Michael Connelly novels, attempting to beat my 10K personal best, and of course - tinkering with Frugal Fun Ottawa.

Thanks for visiting!


You can find my contact information here; you can submit an event here.

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