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Tell Me a Story!

On Saturday, the 2011 edition of the Children’s Storytelling Festival will take place at Library and Archives Canada, located at 395 Wellington St. The Festival includes an afternoon of free programming for kids, and I can say from experience that it’s a wonderful treat - B.G. and I attended a few years ago, and she loved …

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Fortissimo has a very special place in my heart for a couple of reasons. When Hubby and I first moved to Ottawa shortly after we were married, I saw a poster for it at Place d’Acceuil, in Gatineau. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you probably know that I love bagpipes. Fortissimo, with its …

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And now, a short musical interlude brought to you by Chamberfest

Last Thursday did not start out well.

Hubby is taking an online summer course and had a deadline Thursday evening, so he was on edge from the moment he woke up Thursday morning. B.G. was completely out of sorts after having spent an extra-long weekend with grandma (getting spoiled rotten) and then spending a few days in Montreal with me, visiting my sister. She was whiny and …

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I heart Rideau Hall

I’ve been on vacation as of 4 pm Friday afternoon – yipeeeeee! I’ve got quite a line-up of vacation-worthy activites planned. In fact, probably more than we’ll actually be able to do. So in order to start my vacation off at a leisurely pace, we headed over to Rideau Hall yesterday to take in one of the free outdoor concerts.We decided that as long as …

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UrbanQuest Discount for Frugal Fans!

I’ve hinted in some recent blog posts that UrbanQuest.com would be offering Frugal Fun Ottawa Fans a special deal. Details have been finalized, websites have been updated, and I’m ready to reveal all!

UrbanQuest.com is offering Frugal Fun Ottawa fans a discount code, “frugalquest”, that will allow you to purchase any of their $19.99+tax …

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Little Ray’s Reptile Show – Two Thumbs Up

I took Bonhomme to Hazeldean Mall yesterday to see Little Ray’s Reptile Show.  We had planned on taking both kids, but unfortunately B.G. was under the weather, so she stayed home with Hubby. It’s too bad that she was sick; I think she would really have enjoyed the show.

Bonhomme and I arrived early, and I snagged a seat at …

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Disney Magic

Years ago, long before I had kids, a friend of mine invited me to see Disney on Ice with her.  I thought  that her one year old daugther might have trouble sitting through the whole show, but figured “Why not?”  and agreed to go.  Can you imagine my surprise when my friend pulled up to take me to the show, and her daughter wasn’t …

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