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Game Night


I love playing board games. Since Hubby is generally less than enthusiastic about this pastime, I’m thrilled that B.G. is now able to handle games that are a bit more complicated than Candyland. I’m hoping to pass on my love of board games to her, and groom a formidable opponent in the process! She’s getting really good at checkers, Guess Who? and Chutes …

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Christmas Bead Crafts

I’ve only recently discovered the incredible array of topics covered in YouTube videos. Neither my work computer nor our desktop at home are equipped with speakers; since I didn’t have volume I never really caught on to YouTube. Now that I have an iPad, I went searching for craft ideas – and boy, did I …

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Easy Peasy Halloween-y!

This past weekend B.G. asked me if we could decorate the house for Halloween. We have a few outside decorations but nothing to decorate inside, so I thought it would be a great time to do some crafting. As usual our supplies were low. I’m not really into crafts and I’m not very organized when it comes to crafting, …

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Crafty Fun over at Kids in the Capital

I’m a guest blogger over at Kids in the Capital today.  B.G. and I were low on crafting supplies, so we gathered what we had and prepared for a fabulous tea party!

The Easter Bunny Plans Ahead

Hubby and I cringe at how much chocolate the kids get at Easter. Not surprisingly, the more chocolate the kids get, the more chocolate they – and I - end up eating. (Hubby doesn’t like chocolate. Is that really possible?) Though we try to limit the kids’ chocolate intake, the grandparents don’t seem to mind loading them up on the sweet stuff …

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Have You Ever Flown a Squirrel?

My latest contest is up on the Frugal Fun Ottawa contest page. The winner of this latest contest will win a Squirrel model airplane for every child in one lucky classroom, thanks to Darcy Whyte, a local model airplane enthusiast.

I first came accross Darcy Whyte and his Squirrel model planes shortly after I started Frugal Fun Ottawa.  I discovered that …

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101 Uses for Food Coloring

Food coloring can be a frugal parent’s best friend. It isn’t just for baking anymore, though it did come in handy when my hubby made this amazing rainbow cake for B.G.’s fourth birthday: 

Ho-hum on the outside, surprise on the inside!

I’ve put together a sampling of crafty uses for food coloring that I’ve …

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