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Christmas Bead Crafts

I’ve only recently discovered the incredible array of topics covered in YouTube videos. Neither my work computer nor our desktop at home are equipped with speakers; since I didn’t have volume I never really caught on to YouTube. Now that I have an iPad, I went searching for craft ideas – and boy, did I …

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Easy Peasy Halloween-y!

This past weekend B.G. asked me if we could decorate the house for Halloween. We have a few outside decorations but nothing to decorate inside, so I thought it would be a great time to do some crafting. As usual our supplies were low. I’m not really into crafts and I’m not very organized when it comes to crafting, …

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The Ottawa Lumière Festival, and a Contest!

July 28th: Congrats Kim D.! You’re the first lumiere workshop winner.

July 30th: Congrats Nicole, you’ve won the second set of workshop passes.

Aug. 1st: Congrats Jan M. you’re the third workshop pass winner! I’ll be in touch shortly.

The 8th Annual Ottawa Lumière Festival runs from August 1st to the …

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Crafty Fun over at Kids in the Capital

I’m a guest blogger over at Kids in the Capital today.  B.G. and I were low on crafting supplies, so we gathered what we had and prepared for a fabulous tea party!


B.G. and I were drawing the other day, and I started snapping pics of the crayons. I love the colours!


101 Uses for Food Coloring

Food coloring can be a frugal parent’s best friend. It isn’t just for baking anymore, though it did come in handy when my hubby made this amazing rainbow cake for B.G.’s fourth birthday: 

Ho-hum on the outside, surprise on the inside!

I’ve put together a sampling of crafty uses for food coloring that I’ve …

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