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Running Off the Freshman Five

I started running in my second year of university. The freshman five had turned into the freshman fifteen, then creeped up to the freshman twenty. My “fat” pants were getting uncomfortably tight and I had no money for new clothes, let alone a gym membership, aerobics classes, or whatever the exercise trend was at the time. I remember …

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I don’t heart OC Transpo

When Hubby and I first moved to Ottawa, he was teaching part-time at two different schools in Kanata. We had one car and he needed it to get around, so I bused to work. Our car then was a Lada Niva Cossack. Seriously. Hubby had it when we met, and he loved that car – even …

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In Which I Bike to Work (and Back!) and Live to Tell the Tale

As I wrote about in my recent Capital Vélo Fest blog posts (here and here), I’d been thinking about biking to work in order to cut my commute time for a while. The supportive comments that were submitted in response to my first post, and the fact that May is bike to work month, gave …

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Guest Blog over at LTO

I was a guest blogger over at Local Tourist Ottawa yesterday, blogging about the second activity to make it into my exclusive “Not frugal but worth it!” category, an Urban Quest that Hubby and I had the pleasure of participating in recently.  Please join me there!

About my “Not frugal but worth it!” category:

This category …

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Jane’s Walk

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how Jane’s Walk was looking for walk leaders. Community experts have stepped up in a big way, and there are over 40 walks scheduled for this weekend. Though they all look really interesting, I’ve listed a few of my top picks:

Not Just A Pretty Space: Dominican …

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Bagpipes on the Hill

I grew up a few doors down from a branch of the Canadian Legion, and I would often wake up on Saturday morning to the sound of bagpipes. You might think that I would have hated being woken up that way, but I didn’t mind at all. Over the years, I grew to really love the …

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One Day, the Garbage Can Disappeared…

So we bought another one.

Then it happened again.

Whoever took it emptied it and left the two kitchen garage bags on the ground beside it, and left the lid too.  (If I was going to steal a gross-yucky-stinky-we-have-a-kid-in-diapers garbage can, I’d steal the lid too, to cover up that smell - just saying.)

We puzzled over what …

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