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Win a Family Pass to Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo!


Wow, this summer is just flying by. Back to school ads and merchandise are everywhere. Doesn’t it feel like summer is winding down? Before we know it we’ll be sending the kids off on the bus…yikes!

Before we do that, how about squeezing in some more summer fun?

Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo has generously provided Frugal Fun …

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Road Trip!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m on vacation, and in addition to all the great free and frugal fun we hope to have, there are a couple of out-of-town destinations on the agenda that I thought I’d write about.  They’re not frugal, but they’re definitely worth it!

Parc Safari

I wrote the draft of this blog post before …

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Little Ray’s Reptile Show – Two Thumbs Up

I took Bonhomme to Hazeldean Mall yesterday to see Little Ray’s Reptile Show.  We had planned on taking both kids, but unfortunately B.G. was under the weather, so she stayed home with Hubby. It’s too bad that she was sick; I think she would really have enjoyed the show.

Bonhomme and I arrived early, and I snagged a seat at …

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Little Ray’s Reptile Show

I’ve heard great things about Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo.  Located at 5305 Bank Street, they offer hands-on, educational zoological visits and have over 250 animals on display.  At $38 per family, a visit to the Reptile Zoo isn’t frugal by my standards; however in honor of March Break Little Ray’s Reptiles will be coming to …

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